Corporate Gifting

Gifts from Filigree are utilitarian, decorative, stylish, cost effective and long lasting, so that your friends will associate them with your special occasion for a long time to come. As corporate gifts for Diwali, Christmas or New Year, they have excellent recall as they will be used for many years to come, a cherished part of happy mealtimes with family and friends.

At Filigree, we believe in customization and flexibility. We help our clients select the right product for gifting that is unique from others.  We understand our clients’ requirements and design products accordingly. Filigree designs products according to clients’ budget.

We have an extensive list of products suitable for corporate gifting:

  1. Candle wreaths
  2. Candle stands
  3. Candle snuffer
  4. Beaded serving spoons
  5. Beaded dinner forks, spoons & knives
  6. Appetizer forks
  7. Dessert spoons
  8. Cheese set
  9. Fondue forks
  10. Parfait spoons
  11. Napkin rings
  12. Salad set
  13. Bar set
  14. Bottle opener
  15. Cocktail picks
  16. Plate accessories
  17. Beaded desk bell
  18. Beaded magnifying glass and paper cutter
  19. Coasters
  20. Table mats
  21. Barbecue Forks
  22. Cake server with cake forks
  23. Beaded nuts bowl with cocktail spoons
  24. Coffee spoons
  25. Salad bowls

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